The People’s Church Camp Chronicles—Speak Life!

Smiles from campers

Smiles from all our campers

In the hustle and bustle of life, finding moments of respite and spiritual rejuvenation becomes paramount for many believers.

The People’s Church recently gathered for our much anticipated bi-annual church camp from December 14 to 18, 2023, planned and executed with finesse and care by our dear Senior Pastor, Rev Patrick Cheong and his wife, Ps Lillian Cheong.

Held at the vibrant Berjaya Times Square Hotel (Kuala Lumpur), this camp marked a significant milestone for our community as it was our first church camp since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. With hearts brimming with great expectancy and spirits lifted high, we embarked on this journey of faith and togetherness.

Leading up to the camp, Rev Patrick was inspired by the Holy Spirit to embrace the theme for the year, “Speak Life,” drawn from the profound words of John 6:53, “It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.”

Rev Patrick had shared five overarching transformative power of our words throughout his weekly sermons, enlightening hearts and minds alike.

The Power of Words: Just as God spoke life into existence, we have the ability to speak life into the lives of others. Every word we utter has the potential to uplift, inspire, and bring hope to those around us. We must choose our words carefully, ensuring that they build up rather than tear down.

Spiritual Alignment: When we speak life, we align ourselves with the Spirit of God. By allowing His words to flow through us, our speech becomes an instrument of His divine purpose, bringing healing and restoration to broken hearts and weary souls.

Cultivating a Positive Atmosphere: Our words have the power to shape the atmosphere around us. When we speak life, we cultivate an environment of love, joy, and peace. Instead of contributing to negativity and strife, we become agents of transformation, spreading God’s light wherever we go.

Impact on Relationships: Speaking life strengthens and deepens our relationships with others, building trust and mutual respect. Our words become a source of encouragement and support, fostering deeper connections and unity within the body of Christ.

Living Out Our Faith: Speaking life is not just a one-time event but a lifestyle rooted in our faith in Christ. It requires daily surrender to the Holy Spirit, allowing Him to guide our speech and actions. As we walk in obedience to God’s Word, we become living testimonies of His love and grace in the world.

Church camp speaker Rev Peter Misso

Church camp speaker Rev Peter Misso

The camp speakers, Rev Peter Misso and his wife, Sis Anne Misso, emphasized and shared their experiences on speaking life to others. On top of the teachings, one of the most cherished aspects of the camp was also the opportunity for bonding, not only within families but also as a unified body of Christ. From heartfelt worship sessions to engaging conversations over meals to laughter-filled games and activities, every moment was infused with the spirit of love, encouragement and memories that will last a lifetime.

At the heart of it all, the camp served as a call to embrace our role as ambassadors of Christ, spreading His message of hope and redemption to a world in desperate need of His love. We concluded the camp with the serving of Communion and were reminded of God’s agape love for us.

As we continue on our journey, may we never forget the power of speaking life and may our words always reflect the light and love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

This article was written by Bro Ivan Tan, The People’s Church and also appeared in AG times, May 2024.

The People’s Church Camp 2016: Give Thanks!


Date: 15th to 19th December 2016
Venue: Hotel Equatorial Melaka

The People’s Church heads to Melaka for our 2016 church camp and this year’s theme is ‘Give Thanks’. Come join us for a blessed and spirit-filled time as we end the year on a high. Charge yourselves up and bond together as a church to prepare ourselves for 2017!


Open registration is currently closed. However, if you are interested to join us for this camp or want to invite your friends or family, kindly drop us an email at or contact us here. Seats are on a first come, first served basis and we do not promise availability of slots. Please get in touch with us by 30th November 2016.

Camp Speaker: Pastor Guna


Pastor Guna received Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal Savior in October 1981 and was called to full time ministry in 1983. At the time of his conversion, he surrendered his life and struggles to Jesus and was completely set free from drug and alcohol addiction and from satanic oppression. His life was amazingly transformed by the miraculous power of Jesus Christ, and he began to boldly preach and testify about the saving, healing and delivering power of Jesus.

After attending Bible school in Singapore, he became a pastor and served at his local church in Singapore until 1993. In 1993, God called him to serve in Okinawa, Japan. He and his family served as missionaries in Okinawa, Japan for 3 years, and in 1996, he was called to Tokyo, Japan. Since then Pastor Guna and his wife Jey have been faithfully serving as senior pastors of Victory Christian Center Japan. They have outreach churches in Nagoya and Narita and also do missions work in East Timor and Davao City, Philippines. They firmly believe God has called them to Japan, and their ministry is validated by the life -changing experiences of many individuals in Japan.

They have two children Chris and Abby. Chris lives in Singapore with his wife Cathy and their son Zakk. Their daughter Abby lives in Springfield, Missouri with her husband Zach.

Camp Mandarin Interpreter: Reverend Susan Quek-Seow


Susan Quek-Seow is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God. She holds a Master in Theological Studies (MTS) and is presently a candidate for Doctor of Ministry Program in Singapore Bible College.

She served God as a marketplace minister until 1998 when she answered her full-time call and joined Elim Church as a missionary in training.

Susan served alongside Dr Margaret Seaward as a soul care pastor in ministering to the emotionally afflicted and distressed. She was also a family life counsellor.

She preaches in English, Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese in interdenominational churches.  She also taught in Tung Ling Bible School (SOM Chinese Program) and Holy Grace Bible School.

In 2008, she obeyed the Holy Spirit’s to minister to the Body of Christ both locally and globally. She preached and taught in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, China and South-East Asia

She started the Torchbearer Ministries in accordance to the mandate God has given her to bring the fire of the Holy Spirit to set hearts aflame so that they can arise and shine for Jesus.

Camp Sunday School Teachers: Pastor Maggie Krishnan & Sis Carene Krishnan


Pastor Maggie Krishnan is from Calvary Life Assembly, Melaka. She has been involved in Children’s Ministry for many years, and has an ever-growing passion for children to be raised up in a godly way. God has anointed her to bring forth Gospel truths to children in creative and fresh ways.

Carene Krishnan is also from the same church and shares the same passion as her mum. It is their joy to be part of People’s Church Camp 2016, and are looking forward to the camp.