Early History

The People’s Church traces its roots to a bomb shelter in Hougang Avenue 10. Started in 1998 as an outreach centre from Elim Church, The People’s Church is now an independent and fully fledged church under the Assemblies of God Singapore. In March 2008, Senior Pastor, Reverend Patrick Cheong (then only a full time ministry worker) heeded God’s calling and took up leadership of the church. The church was officially registered with the Registrar of Societies on 28th May 2008 and constituted as ‘The People’s Church’ – a church of the people, by the people and for the people.

Since then, it has been a journey of faith and obedience for The People’s Church. In the early years, it was rough sailing for The People’s Church. With only a bomb shelter, the church faced facilities and growth issues. Recognizing this, the church council and Senior Pastor Cheong made plans to relocate the church. The relocation would allow the church to meet increasing congregational needs, a dedicated children’s Sunday school ministry and office space for church staff to work in. The vision was that the people of the church would have a new beginning and safe place to worship God.

In order to meet this new beginning, the church had to raise funds from scratch as we had almost nothing to our name after independence. The building renovation, purchasing of sound system, new furnishing and facilities cost were too much for us to bear. However, the church knew that no cost was impossible for our Lord Almighty. The church pushed on and took the bold step of faith to proceed with the relocation by faith.

From Bomb Shelter to LHK3

Today, The People’s Church occupies a 6,200 sq. ft. premise at LHK3 building which is six times bigger than the bomb shelter. The church moved into the new location on 20th September 2009 and has not looked back. The new location has two sanctuary congregation halls for services, two Sunday school ministry rooms  God’s Army, a general office, a conference room, an infant care room and even a pantry for the members of the church.

With these blessings, church members were able to have extended fellowship with each other during weekly prayer meetings. This was especially important to the youth so that they could focus on their journey with Christ and grow into future ministry leaders with the HeartBeat Youth Ministry. Seeing the need to minister to the mandarin speaking crowd, the church launched both mandarin and hokkien services. The hokkien services, led by Pastor Florence Koh, ministers to the elderly folks at the AWWA Community Home for Senior Citizens.

The People’s Church recognizes that the blessings bestowed upon the church were only made possible by God and his divine powers.

We are a family-centric church and if you are looking for a touch of the Lord, we warmly invite you to church and worship with us.