Pastoral Team

Resident Pastors

  • Senior Pastor, Reverend Patrick Cheong Biography
    Patrick Cheong

    Senior Pastor, Rev Patrick Cheong is a man who loves God’s word and has more than 19 years of experience in God’s ministry, having served as a ministry worker since 1997. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Asia Theological Centre of Evangelism & Missions. In the early days, Rev Patrick served as a Sunday School Superintendent and Pastor under the leadership of Reverend Dr. Fred & Margaret Seaward before leading The People’s Church to autonomy, as a Senior Pastor in 2008. He was ordained in 2014 by the Assemblies of God.

    After experiencing a near death encounter in 1992, Rev Patrick experienced God’s goodness, and his life was transformed as he walked in faith with the Lord. A faithful leader with a servant’s heart, he has a desire to see lives transformed through the preaching of the gospel. Besides preaching God’s word, he provides pastoral guidance, mentoring, relating to people from all walks of life. He also trains and equips leaders in the church to greater heights in the ministries that God has called them to.

    He is married to Pastor Lillian Cheong, and they have three children, Pastor Clement, Shermaine and Abigail who are actively serving in the church in various ministries. Pastor Clement now serves as a Worship Leader and a Pastor in the Youth ministry. Shermaine serves as the Sunday School Superintendent in the God’s Army Children’s ministry. Abigail is a worship leader and also plays an active role in all of the church’s ministry. Rev Patrick’s lifetime commitment is to see that the lives of his members seek only God’s heart and be transformed by the grace and goodness of God, fulfilling God’s destiny for their lives and glorifying Him as they serve the Lord wholeheartedly. On Christ the solid Rock we stand!

  • Pastor Clement Cheong Biography
    Clement Cheong
  • Pastor Florence Koh
  • Pastor Lillian Cheong-Goh Biography
    Lilian Cheong

    A devoted wife to Senior Pastor Patrick and a loving mother to her children, Pastor Lillian believes in serving God in any capacity that He has called her to. Having experienced and tasted God’s grace and goodness in her life, she wants the same for others and seeing them fulfil their destiny in Christ. She is currently assisting the church in administrative duties and has committed herself to serve the Lord faithfully alongside with her husband in the ministry. To God Be the Glory!

Spiritual Mentors

  • Reverend Dr. Fred Seaward
  • Reverend Dr. Margaret Seaward Biography
    Margaret SeawardRev. Dr. Margaret Seaward pastored Elim Church in Singapore for over 19 years together with her husband, Rev. Dr. Fred O. Seaward, who was the Senior Pastor of the Church. They are ordained ministers of the Assemblies of God, Singapore and U.S.A. and have pioneered several churches in Singapore and Malaysia. Throughout the years, Rev. Margaret has spoken, preached and taught at Churches, Christian Organizations, Bible Schools, Seminars and Conventions in Singapore, Australia, Europe, Africa, America and other parts of the world. She is a well known and a gifted preacher, teacher and evangelist. Presently, she teaches regularly at the Asia Theological Centre for Evangelism and Missions. She also teaches at Tung Ling Bible School. Born of missionary parents in China, Rev. Dr. Margaret Seaward was a Prisoner of War with her family for 2 years and was imprisoned in a concentration camp in China for six (6) months during the Second World War. She and her family returned to America in the 2nd Prisoners of War exchange between Japan and America. She came to Singapore in 1955, and has been serving the Lord here since then.

Visiting Pastors

  • Reverend Mary Oh
  • Reverend Oh Beng Khee
  • Reverend Pang Ek Kwan