Guest Preaching by Jennifer Pillo, Atara Ramoth Ministry (USA)

Date: 22 April 2018 (Sunday)
Service Time: 1030am to 1pm (estimate)
Medium: English Service

*Mandarin interpretation via earpiece

Short Biography of Atara Ramoth Ministry and Jennifer Pillo

Atara Ramoth Ministry is a US-based Christian Ministry. It was founded in 1985, North Bend, Washington, as a non-profit, tax-exempt organisation that facilitates the Christian Ministries to go forth into all the world to teach the gospel, raise the dead, heal the sick, cast out demons and lay hands on those who desire to be baptised in the Holy Spirit. The Ministry started by helping teenagers that were caught in addictions as well as deprogramming them from the occult – at that time there were no ministries that dealt in the area of deliverance in that region. Jesus did many wonders with the “run-a-ways” and those that were from prison. During this time, Jennifer worked with people that had drug and alcohol problems. She also helped co-found the first faith-based 12 step program that was approved as a deferred sentencing for the state of Washington. The Ministry has been active for the past 33 years and they have been able to share Jesus’ heart with the many nations, tribes. The ministry was active during war periods in Northern Ireland as guests of Pastors Jack and Kathleen McKee to seeing Jesus heal the blind eyes, raise up the paralyzed, heal the brokenhearted and give many hundreds new hope. It had also started an NGO in Tanzania and gave it to its leaders so they to raise money for their nation.

Reverend Peter A Misso

Resurrection Sunday Service by Reverend Peter Misso (Melbourne)

Date: 1 April 2018 (Sunday)
Service Time: 1030am to 1pm (estimate)
Medium: English Service

*Mandarin interpretation via earpiece

About Reverend Peter Misso

Reverend Peter A Misso

Rev Peter A Misso and his wife Elizabeth Anne

In 1998 he relocated to Melbourne, Victoria and continued to serve as the Director of Teen Challenge Melbourne. Rev Peter is an ordained minister with the New Life Evangelical Church Melbourne and serves as the Congregational Pastor for the English Congregation [Youth/Young Adults] simultaneously held the position of Senior Minister of NLE Church.

On the 28th February 2017, Rev Peter Misso relinquished all his positions and responsibilities in Church to answer to the call of God to take on a different focus of Ministry.

Besides preaching and teaching, Rev. Peter Misso conducts seminars and workshops in the training of Youth and Young adult leaders. He is very passionate about nurturing and mentoring future leaders of the Church.

Rev Peter A Misso and his wife Elizabeth Anne have three teenage sons, Leroy 27 years, Shannon 22 years and Jan 20 years and they live in Melbourne, Victoria.

Good Friday Sermon by Reverend Dr. Margaret Seaward on 30th March 2018

Date: 30 March 2018 (Friday)
Service Time: 10am to 1pm (estimate)
Medium: English Service (mandarin interpretation via earpiece)

Our church spiritual mentor Rev Dr. Margaret Seaward will be preaching to us on Good Friday. Click here for Rev Dr. Margaret Seaward’s biography.

Note: No registrations are required for this service and there will be no lunch provided.

For more information, you can contact us by dropping us a message.

Sunday Sermon by Reverend Dr. Margaret Seaward on 14 January 2018

Date: 14 January 2018 (Sunday)
Service Time: 1030am to 1pm (estimate)
Medium: English Service (mandarin interpretation via earpiece)

Our church spiritual mentor Rev Dr. Margaret Seaward will be preaching to us on our usual Sunday Service. Click here for Rev Dr. Margaret Seaward’s biography.

There will be buffet lunch provided immediately after the Service.

Attendance is strictly by registration. Please RSVP here. For information about the seminar, you can contact us by dropping us a message

erika choo balloon sculptist 3

‘Noah’s Ark’ Balloon Sculpting Activity for Kids

Date: Sunday, 10 September 2017
Time: 1030am to 1230pm (estimate)
Address/how to get there: Click here
Theme: Noah’s Ark

About the event:
Bring your kids for a fun balloon sculpting session where they would learn the art of balloon sculpting from a professional balloon sculptor. For ages 5 and above only.

Entry is free of charge but please note that no adults are allowed in the session. Rest assured that we will be fully staffed to take care of your children.

While your children are busy with their balloons, do join us for our Sunday sermon. Rev. Dr Margaret Seaward will be sharing with us. More information on the service can be found here.

No registrations are required for both the balloon sculpting activity and the service. For more information, you can contact us by dropping us a message.

We’ll be having a candy floss machine for the kids during the event!

Ballon Sculptor Profile:
The professional balloon sculptor that will be teaching the children is Erika Choo (Pei Pei). Erika has experience with children Bible class ministry (in her church) and is a full-time balloonist in Johor Bahru (JB). She has conducted various balloon classes and organised balloon workshops for churches as well as the public.

Below are the projects and competitions that she has participated in:

  1. 2016 Resort World Genting CNY decorations
  2. 2016 Balloon Fiesta Challenge Baloon Costume Competition 2nd Place
  3. 2017 Taiwan International Balloon Artist Medium Display Competition 3rd Place

You can find out more about her on her official Facebook page.

Here are some photos of her during some of her events!

Multiplication of His Goodness

Multiplication of His Goodness: The People’s Church 9th Anniversary

Multiplication of His Goodness

The People’s Church celebrates our 9th anniversary on 6th of August 2017 and we invite you to join us.

Our church’s Spiritual Mentor Rev. Dr. Fred Seaward will be preaching to us in the morning combined service and we’ll be having a buffet lunch after the service. Lunch will be provided to all who join us.

Date: 6th August 2017
Time: 10.00am – 1.30pm


Kindly register* at this RSVP link. For information about the event, kindly contact us by sending us a form.

Getting to The People’s Church

Margaret Seaword during Good Friday Sermon

Sufficiency in Christ Jesus by Rev Dr Margaret Seaward (1 Day Seminar)

Intercessory Prayer with Rev Margaret Seaward

Rev Seaward with last year’s Inner Healing seminar participants

Come for this powerful meeting as Rev Dr Margaret Seaward ministers to us on “Sufficiency in Christ Jesus”. Rev Dr Seaward will also be ministering to us during Good Friday Service and Resurrection Sunday Service. For the full schedule, you can refer to below:

14th April 2017 (Good Friday Service)
10am – 1pm

15th April 2017* (Sufficiency in Christ Jesus 1 day seminar on Saturday)
10am – 3pm

16th April 2017 (Resurrection Sunday Service)
Joined Service 10am – 1pm

* Sufficiency in Christ Jesus 1 day seminar on Saturday strictly by registration only.

Click here for Reverend Dr. Margaret Seaward’s Biography.
Click here for instructions on how to get to our premises.

The People’s Church celebrates Christmas with first-ever theatrical production, The Gift

The Gift Wei Xin and D

On Christmas Eve, 24 Dec 2016, we gathered in unison, holding hands and praying just once more, for the word of God to be seeded into the hearts of those who would be attending the church’s first theatrical production. Titled, “The Gift”, the story revolves around two neighbouring families of different faith depicting issues faced by the youths of today and the day-to-day struggles of the family unit. The Gift is inspired by the true story of our Senior Pastor, Rev. Patrick Cheong, whom God graciously redeemed after a failed suicide attempt.

During the 40-minute performance, conversations between cast members were kept colloquial and in typical Singlish, meant to engage the diverse age-groups present in the audience. While the audience displayed their emotions through the different scenes, they however did not know the difficulty cast members faced in acting out the final two tear-jerking scenes. For months – during rehearsals, the portrayal of melancholy and grief was middling and the actors could hardly evoke emotions out of anyone. Not so for the actual performance. Members in the audience could be seen shedding tears and dabbing away at their eyes. Truly it is not by our might, but through the work of the Holy Spirit tugging at heart-strings.

Melody, recounted her experience as one of the main actors, “I knew God’s Presence was so strong. It felt so different because I was able to get into character. He was the One who gave me the strength and courage to act out my role.”Nigel, another important cast, noted that God was “working to fill in the gaps”. He said: “It wasn’t a tale of the best performance, script or actors. The imperfection of the preparation reflected the truth — nobody is perfect except God.

The Gift isn’t your typical Christmas story – the depiction of the nativity scene and Christ’s birth. It’s message rather is that Christ is God’s greatest gift bestowed upon us, and His gift of life has given all an eternal hope and salvation – if we choose to believe.

Is Christmas a pagan festival where santa claus and his elves march out in celebration, and to “judge” people by their deeds? Is Christmas a season of feasting, shopping and revelry? Or, is Christmas a money-spinning machine? Rather, let Christmas be a poignant reminder of the purpose of the birth of Christ – that the Son of God took on human flesh, paid a price no one could afford and conquered death, so that all may have the gift of eternal life.

This article was written by Ng You Qian, Worship Leader at The People’s Church and Director of The Gift. This article also appeared on the AG Times Issue 030 (Mar – Apr 2017).