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Eight fruitful years: We give thanks and all the glory to God

The People’s Church had a three-day seminar on Intercessory Prayer led by Reverend Dr Margaret Seaward as part of the Church’s 8th anniversary celebration. Everyone was greatly blessed; many were touched by the Lord and some were even baptised with the gift of the Holy Spirit.

intercessory-prayer-seminarIt was neither a church outing nor a buffet with good food but The People’s Church celebrated her 8th anniversary by having a three day Seminar on Intercessory Prayer from 5th August 2016 to 7 August 2016. It was through this Seminar that many in the Church drew closer to the word of God and emerged, fully charged and revitalized by the Spirit to continue the great work of building God’s Kingdom. When asked by church members on the arrangement, Senior Pastor Patrick Cheong replied that, “Throughout the 8 years, the Lord has blessed us tremendously and has always provided for our needs. It is only fitting that we have this Seminar together with our 8th anniversary where we can draw closer to God and give thanks for all He has done for us.

pastor-patrick-prayingThe Intercessory Prayer Seminar, which was led by Reverend Dr Margaret Seaward, was conducted with this current world’s busy pace of life in mind. We are always too busy for everything and all of us face an everyday challenge for having to contend with the quotidian ‘things of this world’. Sometimes, many of us even wish that we had 48 hours instead of 24 hours daily in order to accomplish our daily tasks. Even so, the reality is that most of us would still have not enough time and the “I’m busy and have no time” excuse pops up regularly even when it’s time to spend time with God. If this happens and we still conveniently assume that God understands our situation, then we are in dire need of drawing closer to God.

you-qian-prayingFear not for God has a solution and that is Prayer. Prayer is a predominant feature in our Christian walk and is our main weapon against all our troubles, but many people have overlooked or discounted this over time. We may not know it, but many Christians are fighting to stay “alive” spiritually and neglect the power of Prayer. Some may have lost that “first love” for God and feel that they can no longer communicate with God. Our problems may vary – some of us may have disobedient children, unreasonable colleagues, dire financial situations or unfaithful spouses but when is the last time did we use Prayer as a means to your problems?

To cap things off, the Church also had the privilege of celebrating Reverend Dr Fred Seaward and Reverend Dr Margaret Seaward’s 65th wedding anniversary during the Seminar. A Godly couple, they have been a blessing to many people — believers and non-believers alike and have also been a great role model for a Christ-centred marriage.


The Church prepared a cake lighted with 65 individual candles, and as the cake made its way to them, everyone knew it was a fitting tribute to such a Godly couple. As Church member, Brother Nigel put it, “To have served all their lives and still be on fire for God gives you encouragement; you know their preaching is real and everything that they say is a blessing.” The celebrations ended with a prayer for the Seawards and a scrumptious buffet lunch, as both visitors and Church members had a great time fellowshipping with one another.

When we turn to Prayer, we must recognise that God is not a magician or a Prayer answering machine that will make our problems disappear once we call unto Him. Instead, during Prayer, as pointed out by Reverend Dr Seaward during the Seminar, we will need to keep pounding on the door and not give up. Even if it takes 1 day, 1 year or 10 years, we need to press on for God has His perfect timing for everything and we know that the God we serve gives us an infinite hope and love. When we believe that Jesus is the King of kings, and He will answer our prayers, we no longer need to live in fear.

fred-seawardThe Intercessory Prayer Seminar was a timely reminder to spend time interceding for others in Prayer and the Seminar attendees were blessed by the words brought forth by Reverend Seaward. It was a thought that was shared by Church member Sister Crystal, who said, “This Seminar had taught me about the importance of prayer and how it is our weapon against the evil one.” The Seminar also challenged the Church members to pray earnestly to see more souls ushered into the Kingdom of God. The Church prayed that God will continue to manifest His Power and Might to bring an endless revival to our church and that the Church is not looking for a momentary revival but one that is consistently burning.


God has been good to The People’s Church throughout the eight years since we have gone autonomous and God has always been faithful to us. From the time we came out of the bomb shelter in Hougang to our new location at LHK 3, God has cleared our every obstacle and given us His bountiful blessings. Every anniversary, we look back at the past and smile at the good times and not so good times.


We give thanks and all the glory to God for granting us an excellent time where we had delicious food not only for the body but also for the spirit. His love and grace abounds, praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen.

This article was written by Cecilia Lee, Music Director, The People’s Church and also appeared on the AG Times Issue 028 (Nov – Dec 2016).

Ageing Gracefully by Fei Yue Family Service Centre/Community Services

The People’s Church will be having a programme on ageing gracefully 2nd session next Sunday for senior citizens.

Many of our senior citizens are at a high risk of being affected by many old age related issues. If you know anyone, we encourage you to bless them by inviting them or bringing them to this programme. The programme will be conducted by Fei Yue Family Service Centre/Community Services during our Sunday hokkien service.

Date: Sunday, 28 August 2016
Time: 3pm to 4pm

Admissions are free but do let us know at if you are inviting a large group so we can cater for it.

Below photos are from the first sesssion. Glad to know that the senior citizens enjoyed the first session (look at their smiles and very subtle thumbs up by Uncle William!).

Here’s what you missed at TPC Day 2016!

The People’s Challenge (TPC) Day was a family event filled with fun, laughter and unity as we took a journey down memory lane and reminisced about the old kampong times. Our TPC Day 2016 was held at D’Kranji Farm Resort and members were split into groups. The groups then embarked on the The People’s Challenge where station games awaited them.

Here’s an overview of the stations!

Station 1

D Kranji Bird Nest Museum

We began the activities with a nice stroll at the Swiftlet Garden Museum. It was an educational tour filled with the history of bird’s nest and how the emperors in China admired and treasured bird’s nest as a precious trading commodity in the olden times. This session also showcased how bird’s nest is usually being produced, harvested and processed. We even had some complimentary snacks! Yum.

Station 2

TPC Day Station 2

To encourage unity and team work in our games, we came up with a unique creative idea to encourage teamwork among the participants. Each team nominated a member, who would wait outside the room, whilst the rest work together to draw out an image of the given word.

TPC Day Station 2

Each of the members had to hold a string attached to a marker and maneuver the strings together in order to draw the image. Teamwork, check!

Station 3

TPC Day Station 3a

The last stations saw the groups complete series of activities as a group. First up, the smelling game. Teams were given cups with different mixtures of beverages/liquid and they had to take turns to take a sniff of what’s in the cup. Together, the team had to conclude on which beverage/liquid is in the cup.

Oh dear it must have been awful...

Teams also had to complete miscellaneous challenges such as balancing an orange while doing squats and folding paper planes.

 The People’s Challenge (Final Station)

Bingo time

Finally, the highlight of our TPC Day, The People’s Challenge! This was similar to a game of Bingo but done the TPC way and #RunningManStyle.

A sheet of paper was placed on the table with 25 boxes drawn on the piece of mahjong paper. There were 27 items placed in a long table by which each team can choose 25 dishes out of the 27 given.

Team members can place the dishes in the boxes in any order they like. Each team will take turns to call out a dish of their choice. When the team gets one line cleared, they were to shout: AMEN, PRAISE THE LORD! The first team that cleared 2 lines won the game. Simple game but everyone had loads of fun!

Traditional Games Championship

To cap the amazing day, we set up our very own “Mama Shop”. This mini shop had traditional games; from pick-up sticks, to chapteh, to five stones, to card games like old maid, snap and happy family and even the all-time favourite eraser flag game! This really brought us back to our childhood days and gave the children a taste of how our childhood was like.

At 2pm that day, we had our very own Traditional Games Championship where the young and old gathered together to take part and compete against each other. We had country eraser corner, chapteh corner and even the five stones corner. It was amazing to see that the children knew how to play these traditional games!

See below for all our championship winners! More pictures can be found in our Facebook album for TPC day 2016.

This article is written by Abigail Cheong, a worship leader and member of The People’s Church.

Margaret Seaword during Easter Sunday Sermon

Intercessory Prayer with Rev Dr Margaret Seaward

“Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.

Matthew 18:19

Prayer is an essential communication with our Heavenly Father and an act of trusting in Him as we cast our weaknesses at the feet of Jesus. Intercessory prayer reflects the love we see in God’s character, allowing us to think beyond ourselves and instead, to grow and develop in ourselves a compassion for our community.

Intercessory prayer starts with you! Be open to it. Be ready for it. Experience God’s power as Rev Dr Margaret Seaward ministers to us.

The Intercessory Prayer Seminar is a 2 day seminar and will conclude with a Combined Service on Sunday together with The People’s Church 8th Anniversary. Registrants are encouraged to come for all sessions. There will be lunch provided for the Saturday session.

5th August 2016* (Friday)

7.30pm – 9.30pm

6th August 2016* (Saturday)

10.00am – 3pm

7th August 2016 (Sunday)

Combined Service 10am – 1pm

* Friday and Saturday sessions strictly by registration only

Attendance is strictly by registration. Please RSVP here. For information about the seminar, kindly Email us at

Do you need a touch of inner healing?

Inner Healing Seminar by Rev Dr Margaret Seaward (3 Days)

Do you need a touch of inner healing?

What is Inner Healing?

Are there areas in your life that trouble you?
That constantly seem to defeat you?
That you never seem to be able to have victory?

Inner Healing involves healing of the mind, emotions and spirit that have been wounded by the things of this world. If you are in need of spiritual healing, these sessions and prayers will set you free. We invite you to come experience a complete healing with us. Experience God’s power as Rev Dr Margaret Seaward ministers to us.

There will be a total of three inner healing sessions and registrants are encouraged to come for all sessions. There will be lunch provided for the Saturday session.

20th May 2016* (Friday)
7.30pm – 9.30pm

21st May 2016* (Saturday)
10.30am – 3pm

22nd May 2016 (Sunday)
Joined Service 10am – 1pm

* Friday and Saturday sessions strictly by registration only

Kindly register* at this RSVP link. For information about the seminar, kindly Email us at

* Registration has now reach maximum capacity. We will not be accepting any more registrations.

Getting to The People’s Church

Kampong and countryside living at D'Kranji Farm Resort

TPC Day at D’Kranji Farm Resort

D'Kranji Farm Resort is part of the Singapore farm scene in which interest has been picking up recently. The Kranji Farms have also been featured in The Straits Times. It is situated near to the famous Bollywood Veggies, Hay Diaries and Jurong Frog Farm. We hope that the rustic "Kampong" environment will help us relive and bring out the Kampong Spirit in all of us.

TPC (The People’s Challenge) Day promises to be a day of fun and food as we invite all our family, friends and loved ones for a day of fellowship and bonding. This half day event will be held at the D’Kranji Farm Resort on 29th May 2016 from 10am to 3pm. Tickets will be priced at $5 for children and $10 for adults.

D’Kranji Farm Resort is part of the Singapore farm scene in which interest has been picking up recently. The Kranji Farms have also been featured in The Straits Times. It is situated near to the famous Bollywood Veggies, Hay Diaries and Jurong Frog Farm. We hope that the rustic “Kampong” environment will help us relive and bring out the Kampong Spirit in all of us.

What you can expect from the event:
1) A short worship session to kick off the day
2) Light station games and activities
3) TPC telematch challenge
4) Old-school and traditional Kampong games corner
5) Buffet + BBQ meal

Two way bus transportation will be provided at Yishun MRT, Serangoon MRT and Kranji MRT.

Address of D’Kranji Farm Resort
10 Neo Tiew Lane 2, Singapore 718813

Registration is open to church members and public. Please drop us an Email at

You Qian leading worship during service

Holy Week (Good Friday Service) with Rev. Margaret Seaward!


Join us for Holy Week as we have Rev Dr Margaret Seaward sharing the word with us on Good Friday. Invite your unsaved loved ones to taste the goodness of our Lord.

Event Details & RSVP

About Pastor Margaret Seaward

Rev. Dr. Margaret Seaward pastored Elim Church in Singapore for over 19 years together with her husband, Rev. Dr. Fred O. Seaward, who was the Senior Pastor of the Church. They are ordained ministers of the Assemblies of God, Singapore and U.S.A. and have pioneered several churches in Singapore and Malaysia. Throughout the years, Rev. Margaret has spoken, preached and taught at Churches, Christian Organizations, Bible Schools, Seminars and Conventions in Singapore, Australia, Europe, Africa, America and other parts of the world. She is a well known and a gifted preacher, teacher and evangelist. Presently, she teaches regularly at the Asia Theological Centre for Evangelism and Missions. She also teaches at Tung Ling Bible School. Born of missionary parents in China, Rev. Dr. Margaret Seaward was a Prisoner of War with her family for 2 years and was imprisoned in a concentration camp in China for six (6) months during the Second World War. She and her family returned to America in the 2nd Prisoners of War exchange between Japan and America. She came to Singapore in 1955, and has been serving the Lord here since then.

God Bless all our baptism candidates!

We saw a total of 3 baptism candidates at our water baptism at Sembawang Park last week. Congratulations to all our baptism candidates. We are confident that they will be leading a Christ-filled life.