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Ps Benjamin Aw

Guest Preaching: Ps Benjamin Aw

Title: TBC
Date: 7th May 2017 (Sunday)
Service Time: 1030am to 1pm (estimate)
Medium: English Service

About Ps Benjamin Aw

Ps Benjamin Aw

Ps Benjamin Aw and his wife Serine.

Benjamin and his beloved wife, Serine, submitted to the call of the Lord to “walk by faith and not by sight” on 1 August 1995. This walk of faith was and is still full of challenges. Being fully convinced that the Lord is their Good Shepherd who will enable them to finish their race victoriously, thus they continue to echo what Apostle Paul has declared in 1 Timothy 6:12, “I will fight the good fight for what we believe…”.

Benjamin began this faith journey of faith as a businessman before the Lord directed him to join a local church as the administrative pastor. He subsequently moved on to serve as the Asia Director of Jerry Savelle Ministries International for 7 fruitful years before joining Kenneth Copeland Ministries for another fruitful 6 years.

Today, both Benjamin & Serine are itinerant ministers, ministering in various Asia countries and also runs a full Bible Video course as mission outreach in the Philippines.  Besides, Benjamin also operates his own business, an online shopping mall.

Ben strongly believes that God’s call is upon every believers and  as the body of Christ “FOLLOW HIM – HEAR & DO” as He instructs, the body of Christ will impact the world for His glory and be in position, ready for Jesus soon return.

Margaret Seaword during Good Friday Sermon

Sufficiency in Christ Jesus by Rev Dr Margaret Seaward (1 Day Seminar)

Intercessory Prayer with Rev Margaret Seaward

Rev Seaward with last year’s Inner Healing seminar participants

Come for this powerful meeting as Rev Dr Margaret Seaward ministers to us on “Sufficiency in Christ Jesus”. Rev Dr Seaward will also be ministering to us during Good Friday Service and Resurrection Sunday Service. For the full schedule, you can refer to below:

14th April 2017 (Good Friday Service)
10am – 1pm

15th April 2017* (Sufficiency in Christ Jesus 1 day seminar on Saturday)
10am – 3pm

16th April 2017 (Resurrection Sunday Service)
Joined Service 10am – 1pm

* Sufficiency in Christ Jesus 1 day seminar on Saturday strictly by registration only.

Click here for Reverend Dr. Margaret Seaward’s Biography.
Click here for instructions on how to get to our premises.