‘The Heartbeat of God’, Sunday Service by Reverend Dr. Margaret Seaward on 10 September 2017

Date: 10 September 2017 (Sunday)
Service Time: 1030am to 12.30pm (estimate)
Medium: English Service (mandarin interpretation via earpiece)

Our church spiritual mentor Rev Dr. Margaret Seaward will be preaching to us on our usual Sunday Service. The title of her sermon will be ‘The Heartbeat of God’.

Click here for Rev Dr. Margaret Seaward’s biography.

Note: No registrations are required for this service and there will be no lunch provided. If you are bringing your children, they are strongly encouraged to attend our balloon sculpting activity. Click here to find out more about the activity.

For more information, you can contact us by dropping us a message.

Please note that it is confirmed (as of 2 Sept) that Rev. Dr. Margaret Seaward will be coming to preach on 10th Sept at 10.30am next Sunday. The title of her preaching will be ‘The Heartbeat of God’.

Thank you for praying with us and we praise God for His touch upon her life!

Multiplication of His Goodness

Multiplication of His Goodness: The People’s Church 9th Anniversary

Multiplication of His Goodness

The People’s Church celebrates our 9th anniversary on 6th of August 2017 and we invite you to join us.

Our church’s Spiritual Mentor Rev. Dr. Fred Seaward will be preaching to us in the morning combined service and we’ll be having a buffet lunch after the service. Lunch will be provided to all who join us.

Date: 6th August 2017
Time: 10.00am – 1.30pm


Kindly register* at this RSVP link. For information about the event, kindly contact us by sending us a form.

Getting to The People’s Church

Ps Benjamin Aw

Guest Preaching: Ps Benjamin Aw

Title: TBC
Date: 7th May 2017 (Sunday)
Service Time: 1030am to 1pm (estimate)
Medium: English Service

About Ps Benjamin Aw

Ps Benjamin Aw

Ps Benjamin Aw and his wife Serine.

Benjamin and his beloved wife, Serine, submitted to the call of the Lord to “walk by faith and not by sight” on 1 August 1995. This walk of faith was and is still full of challenges. Being fully convinced that the Lord is their Good Shepherd who will enable them to finish their race victoriously, thus they continue to echo what Apostle Paul has declared in 1 Timothy 6:12, “I will fight the good fight for what we believe…”.

Benjamin began this faith journey of faith as a businessman before the Lord directed him to join a local church as the administrative pastor. He subsequently moved on to serve as the Asia Director of Jerry Savelle Ministries International for 7 fruitful years before joining Kenneth Copeland Ministries for another fruitful 6 years.

Today, both Benjamin & Serine are itinerant ministers, ministering in various Asia countries and also runs a full Bible Video course as mission outreach in the Philippines.  Besides, Benjamin also operates his own business, an online shopping mall.

Ben strongly believes that God’s call is upon every believers and  as the body of Christ “FOLLOW HIM – HEAR & DO” as He instructs, the body of Christ will impact the world for His glory and be in position, ready for Jesus soon return.

Reverend Peter A Misso

Guest Preaching: A Failing of Heart by Rev Peter Misso

Title: A Failing of Heart (2 Corinthians 4:16-18)
Date: 19th March 2017 (Sunday)
Service Time: 1030am to 1pm (estimate)
Medium: English Service

About Reverend Peter Misso

Reverend Peter A Misso

Rev Peter A Misso and his wife Elizabeth Anne

In 1998 he relocated to Melbourne, Victoria and continued to serve as the Director of Teen Challenge Melbourne. Rev Peter is an ordained minister with the New Life Evangelical Church Melbourne and serves as the Congregational Pastor for the English Congregation [Youth/Young Adults] simultaneously held the position of Senior Minister of NLE Church.

On the 28th February 2017, Rev Peter Misso relinquished all his positions and responsibilities in Church to answer to the call of God to take on a different focus of Ministry.

Besides preaching and teaching, Rev. Peter Misso conducts seminars and workshops in the training of Youth and Young adult leaders. He is very passionate about nurturing and mentoring future leaders of the Church.

Rev Peter A Misso and his wife Elizabeth Anne have three teenage sons, Leroy 27 years, Shannon 22 years and Jan 20 years and they live in Melbourne, Victoria.

Dr Loh Hung Chey

14 August 2016 Service: Rev Dr. Loh Hung


Date: 14th August 2016 (Sunday)
Service Time: 1030am to 1pm (estimate)
Medium: English Service

About Rev. Dr Loh Hung Chey

Thinker. Public speaker. Writer. These words aptly describe Rev. Dr. Loh Hung Chey. He was the Principal of the Assemblies of God Bible College until he retired from the post at the end of 2012. He still teaches at the College and has availed himself to colleges throughout the world. He ministers regularly in Australia, England, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Russia, Nepal, Cambodia and many other countries of the world. Passionate about church dynamics especially in realigning the focus of churches to God’s purpose for the church, he has successfully helped churches in this aspect. Dr. Loh has served on the Executive Committee of the Assemblies of God of Singapore and the boards of Asia Pacific Theological Association, Teen Challenge Singapore and the Singapore Centre for Evangelism and Missions.He is the author of Transforming into Christlikeness and Returning to God’s Original Intent. He has contributed a sermon to If I Could Only Preach One Sermon and articles to various journals.

Join us this Sunday as Reverend Douglas Seaward ministers to us

Douglas Seaward

Date: 31st July 2016 (Sunday)
Service Time: 10am to 1pm (estimate)
Medium: Combined English and Mandarin* Service

*Mandarin interpretation via earpiece

About Rev. Douglas Seaward

Rev Douglas Seaward has been involved in the ministry since 1996 having travelled to countries and ministered in Uganda, Bacolod, Kota Kinabalu, Indonesia, Nepal, Paris, Ghana, Gujarat and Perth. For the last 12 years, he has been pastoring Calvary Charismatic Centre in Toronto, Canada.

Rev Doug has a genuine love for God’s people. A man who hears from God, humble and faithful to God’s calling, his desire is to see people spiritually bound be set free to live for Christ.

He has been married to Mary since 2000 and has one son, Oli. A born again spirit-filled believer who shares openly his struggles with substance abuse and alcoholism for over 20 years and how the Lord delivered him totally to serve Him reveals a tremendous testimony of God’s power and hope. What the Lord has done for him, he can also do it for you!